This page is a summary of the entries on the update page - these give a rundown on all the changes to the site (with the various ups and downs) since it first went live on August 13th, 1996. Happy reading!

Changes for July, 2004

No update.

Changes for June, 2004

Have some pages coming together - after nine months I should have an update soon. I must admit to having being somewhat sidetracked by my interest in NZR rail-cranes.

Changes for May, 2004

No update - have done some scanning. Should get something up soon.

Changes for April, 2004

No update. I'm working part-time and helping out at home, and somehow seem to have less time than when I'm working.

Changes for March, 2004

No update - again.

Changes for February, 2004

No update. I'd better do something soon or this site will start to look like a 'cobweb'.

Changes for January, 2004

No update - other things on my plate at present. Mother and daughter doing well!

Changes for December, 2003

Still nothing happening - may be a while, as Baby No.4 is less than a month away.

Changes for November, 2003

No update - exam season and other stuff is just not letting me get time. Did manage an outing to Whenuapai - lots of photos of RNZAF aircraft for new updates soon.

Changes for October, 2003

No update - other things are keeping me busy again

Changes for September, 2003

Managed to post the overdue update - all 72 images of the La-9. Had a small effect on visitor rates, as they were up 8% to almost 3200. I obviously need to do a little more work more often for the site. But after seven years I'm finding I have far less time than I once did.

Changes for August, 2003

The August update slipped a month - was all set to post and I found myself sick at home. But we have passed another milestone. This site first went live in August 1996. So in seven years it has grown considerably and the visitor numbers have passed 170,000 (check out the stats page. Thankyou to all who have dropped by, and the many amongst those who have contacted me!

Changes for July, 2003

No update as I'm flat out trying to keep up with things at work and at home. The hit rate is still in decline with only 2705 for the month. Things started to fade with the outbreak of war in Iraq, but I suspect my lacking time to participate in newsgroups is also reducing exposure for the site. Guess I'd better get an update underway!

Changes for June, 2003

Opted for a change of pace by updating the jet warbird pages - mainly motivated by a large chunk of Hunter pics. Managed 60 images in total. Visitor numbers continue to drop - below the 3000 mark with only 2899 for this month.

Changes for May, 2003

Show reports are quite fiddly as they involve just a few pictures of lots of types. To assist with catching up on the 2001 shows I've decided to do a few types from a bunch of shows. This will reduce the number of types when I get to the actual airshow pages - hence the helicopter themed update which covers several shows in 2001. The Ryans are a bonus as several people have been asking about these aircraft. On another note, 115 images makes a bit for the months where I missed updates earlier in the year. Hitrate is way down - barely over 3000 for the month again. The visitor rate has dropped off severely since the outbreak of the Iraq war - maybe people have other things to do.

Changes for April, 2003

Back to what I started in November - I'm still trying to catch up on the 2001 shows, and with the 2003 Classic Fighters show just around the corner, I figured that I should give that some priority. So this update pulls together some of my previously added pictures and 69 new photos in a two page report on the 2001 show.

Changes for March, 2003

Tidied up a few things. A new update is in the works. Visitor rate has dropped to 3552 for the month - but thats still my fourth best month ever! Maybe not doing updates is a good thing.

Changes for February, 2003

No updates. A big thanks to those of you who sent notes of condolence. It makes me realise I am part of a truely global community. Visitor rate is still up. not as good as last month, but still nearly 3800.

Changes for January, 2003

No updates. Huge hitrate this month - just short of 4000 visitors recorded. The best monthly tally to date - more than 300 more than the previous best.

Changes for December, 2002

Finished the update I had started for last month - I have decided I should get stuck in to finishing up the pages for the 2001 shows as it is now the end of 2002. So first up is the Warbirds over Wairarapa show from the beginning of last year. Its a good size update with 129 images, but of course this is a few pictures of each of a lot of types - hence the huge list below. However, with the passing of my Father last month things may be a little slow on this site for the next few months.

Changes for November, 2002

No update due to a family bereavement. I simply haven't been around enough to get one finished.

Changes for October, 2002

I'm still finding things rather busy as we run down to the end of the academic year here, so I've made do with a one aircraft update to ensure something got posted. As noted below, this is the CAF Wildcat imported as a special feature for the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow earlier this year. This was all I got to see of the show - the aircraft being unloaded and set up for flight in Tauranga. As updates go, its a bit more substantial than the last couple at 76 images.

Changes for September, 2002

Found myself getting bogged down trying to get some answers to complete the Ag-aircraft backgrounds, so decided to move some other pictures up the queue - hence some recent pictures of a USAF C-32 (Boeing 757) that was in Hamilton recently. Although its only 22 images, I was pleased to get some sort of update in place. Also fixed up some links after feedback from last months update.

Changes for August, 2002

Things got a little busy over the past six weeks, and what should have been a second July update turned into the sole August update. One of the things that soaked up a lot of time was my annual links review - the page is now so large it takes several weeks to check each link, and any other links that might be attached. Have also tidied up a couple of pages that haven't had any attention for a while. So its only 15 images this month. Have been working up some backround on NZ ag-aircraft so there is more to come.

Changes for July, 2002

Only 72 pictures this month and one update. But the response to them has been very good, so the Hurricane and Spitfire are very popular. Some of this pictures have been waiting a while, so its good to finally get them posted.

Changes for June, 2002

The pictures are still coming at a good pace - 100 photos this month in two updates. These are from a start I've made on last years Classic Fighters show at Omaka. The World War I aircraft were a feature of the show, but the Boomerang was a special addition, and something very different. I'm quite pleased with both the picture and the text content for this aircraft.

Changes for May, 2002

Finally the Ohakea update is complete, presenting pictures taken when I attended the Disbandment Parade for the Air Combat Force (75, 2, 14 Sqns) last December. It was a sad day, but a great photographic opportunity. I have hugely expanded the A-4K pages, and taken the chance to fill in some gaps on the Macchi pages. The new ground vehicles page is in response to requests. 199 pictures is another very large update given the size of recent updates on this site.

Changes for April, 2002

As I noted at update time, I have focussed on putting up the pictures from my recent overseas trip. The outcome is 175 images, which isn't bad when compared to some of my recent efforts. Progress is still coming on pages from the recent disbandment of the RNZAF ACF at Ohakea.

Changes for March, 2002

As noted below, the February update became the March update as I got a little swamped last month. As I still await some Skyhawk details, I decided to get the Wanaka 2000 page done before the Wanaka 2002 show happened at Easter - and only just got it out in time. As usual in the week before the show, the visitor rate to the site climbed sharply - and that was before I announced the update.

Changes for February, 2002

No additions this month - plenty of stuff in the pipeline though. Have been working on a page featuring the RNZAF Armed Combat Force Disbandment parade, and an A-4K Skyhawk walkaround to go with it.

Changes for January, 2002

Surprise, surprise - this month didn't work out quite as I expected. But an update happened (albeit a little late) and at 126 images it's pretty good going! This is another update featuring a former NZ aircraft (NZ2427 / G-MSTG) photographed overseas, and a start on the pages illustrating some of the museums I visited in my UK travels.

Changes for December, 2001

Things got a little busy this month and the update was a little late. This time its another of the NZ related aircraft I photographed overseas - the DH88 comet and a long awaited update on its big brother, the DH98 Mosquito. Plenty of material in hand, so next month should be a goodie.

Changes for November, 2001

Obviously the break away has done me some good - two updates this month for a total of 79 images. All of this comes from my recent travels where I managed to catch up with seven NZ related aircraft - so that's four of them successfully posted.

Changes for October, 2001

Having been overseas for most of the month, I was pushed to get an update posted. So the offering was small, but I think a little different. With 360 images from my travels to scan, the coming months should see an increase in pictures posted.

Changes for September, 2001

Managed to just complete this update before leaving on an overseas trip. My catch up work on the events pages has now reached the stage where I am working on the last of the 2000 events - so I'm only a year behind. The biggest event of the year was the Wanaka airshow, so I'll be adding material from that type by type over the next few months.

Changes for August, 2001

Another good month - I'm still making progress on catching up with the events pages, with two being added this month. I'm also pleased to add the first results from a project which has occupied me for about six months. this is the creation of a New Zealand aviation bibliography. Having discovered that not much has been done in this area, i figure whatever I come up with will go some way towards filling a gap.

Changes for July, 2001

A bumper set of updates for this month - although admittedly that's mainly because I didn't get the Macchi update posted last month. However, I really happy to post this page - its been one of the most common requests over the past eighteen months. A total of 133 pictures for the month is pretty good going too.

Changes for June, 2001

Due to a dose of the 'flu, the June update didn't happen till July!

Changes for May, 2001

Things have settled down a bit, so this month has seen a much bigger update. I'm making good progress on catching up on my airshow pages. The backlog was getting quite large, but I feel the site is steadily getting more update (although there's still a few to come.

Changes for April, 2001

Life is quite hectic, between work (new teaching term) and home (the kids) so I only just got an update completed for this month - but I feel its quite an interesting one. Multiple DC-3s are rare in this part of the world, so its nice to be able to share them. Must admit to being guilty to having been out taking more pictures - the airshow season this year has just been outstanding. However, that does mean the photo backlog is growing.

Changes for March, 2001

It was good to finally get some action happening on the site - two updates for a total of 83 images, plus overhauling some of the existing pages, and introducing a new NZ aviation bibliography. Its good to get some of the older event pages out of the way. Site visitors are way down, so I'm not sure what's happening there - I'm still getting lots of mail though.

Changes for February, 2001

Nothing happening on site. I have noticed that the search engines are starting to catch up (Google was first). Doesn't seem to be doing much for the number of visitors. I have been busy scanning, trying to catch up on my backlog. There are now over 1000 images waiting to be added to the site. This has taken most of what little free time I have, so no updates as yet. The rest of my freetime has gone toward attending events- this looks to be the busiest airshow season in years.

Changes for January, 2001

Nothing visible in the way of changes. Have been tidying up some of the way the site works behind the scenes. The 'kiwiaircraftimages.simplenet.com' site terminated on January 15th. As most search engines are still to catch up with the move (10weeks they reckon), the hitrate literally halved from that date.

Changes for December, 2000

No new material - just a new location. With the changes to simplenet underway - mostly things being taken apart by new owners Yahoo), I have finally made arrangements for a new location. The setting up of a domain name should simplify changes if I'm forced to move again. The old site retains all the material ( for the benefit of those who don't come in the front door) for the time being, but the top level has been replaced by a redirection page.

Changes for November, 2000

After nearly four months without an update, things have been busy - lots of new aircraft types added. I'm trying to tidy up some broken links, and for the time being am concentrating on filling in the missing airshow pages. I'm also looking into a new host for the site as Yahoo are about to demolish my simplenet account - more news to come on this next month. Activity has been strong - for the first time we have passed the 3500 visitor mark for a month.

Changes for October, 2000

Nothing happening on site. Adapting to having child #2 around the house. Have made more progress on the missing airshow pages. More evidence that doing nothing is the right thing to do - 3487 hits this month.

Changes for September, 2000

Nothing happening on site. Survived the arrival of child #2 - a girl to complete the set! Work is soaking up a lot of time as well. Have made a start on filling in some of the missing airshow pages. Sometimes I suspect doing nothing is the right thing to do - 3264 hits this month.

Changes for August, 2000

Nothing happening on site. Busy preparing for the imminent arrival of child #2 when not actually working for my money!. Not even getting the chance to go out and take pictures. Site is still going well - passed the 3000 mark for hits.

Changes for July, 2000

Wrapped up the NZ Military aircraft updates. Only 33 images this time. This has definitely been popular however, as once again the hits for the month were just short of 3000. Had a little feedback on the wallpaper page too. Will add to it as I get the opportunity. The NZ links page now features 347 sites.

Changes for June, 2000

Another two update month and plenty of activity on the site - just missed 3000 hits again. Only 77 images, but all of more military aircraft, and this is definitely a popular subject. Lots of feedback. I was really pleased with the Strikemaster page, and a few folks out there appear to be too!

Changes for May, 2000

A big month on the site - two updates with lots of progress on the military helicopters, for a total of 101 images. That's the best I've done for a while. I'm pleased I finally got the Seasprite page up. Must have been a popular choice because the visitor rate skyrocketed. Either that, or people were looking for pictures from Wanaka. Getting plenty of feedback!

Changes for April, 2000

Visitor rates are down on this month, but are still good. Thought there might be a few more leading up to the Wanaka airshow. Not much added, only 30 images, as I was away for half the month - at the Wanaka airshow. DC-3's and P-51's seem a popular subject though. I guess things are just moving along nicely, even in the absence of major developments!

Changes for March, 2000

Summary to come

Changes for February, 2000

Nothing happening. More of the same from last month. I have made a start on preparing some de havilland material, but its not ready to post yet. I also managed to get out to several events and add to my not insignificant pile of pitures which are waiting to be scanned. Visitors were down a little, but the month was short a day - overall, the hit rate seems better when don't add anything new. Maybe I should take a hint from that!

Changes for January, 2000

Nothing happening. Work, home, family events - where does the time go. Nothing happened on the site, but I did manage to get out and take a few pictures. The lack of activity on my part doesn't seem to have affected the level of activity from visitors though.

Changes for December, 1999

The month got off to a good start with 52 images of commercial aircraft, with comprehensive aircraft details posted on each page. Things were going well. Then I just couldn't find time to add any more images. Still hits are up and feedback from vistors says thingsare going well.

Changes for November, 1999

Nothing added this month. I've been busy researching a commercial update, and its taken a lot longer than expected - but I'm looking at over 100 aircraft histories. Nevertheless, the site has been busy, breaking the 2000 hits/month barrier for the first time! maybe that's a hint I shouldn't add anything else . . . if its busiest when I do nothing.

Changes for October, 1999

Compared to last months activity, this month I seem to have been a bit slack. Unfortunately its been exam season, so I've had to keep my head down marking. Despite adding only 55 images, I have added 5 new aircraft types, so I feel that's good progress. The hits have been up making this the busiest month ever, so I guess those browsing the site are happy with it!

Changes for September, 1999

September has been a busy month on the site. In part I think this is a displacement activity on my part - I have so many other things I should be doing, but I'd rather play with the site. But it has certainly worked well for the site. Four updates (thats one a week), with a total of 138 images, and that includes 5 new aircraft types. This has had a huge impact on the visitor rate which has been the highest second only to May of this year

Changes for August, 1999

The addition of 41 images comes to less than half of last months total, but I'm pleased to have got the second update done - albeit at the last moment. I guess this is a more typical month image wise. Hopefully the extra text makes up for the lower number of images. HIts are up again, although they seemed to have settled in the 1600 range over the past few months - 51 or 52 a day on average.

Changes for July, 1999

I'm quite pleased with progress this month. The Widgeon pictures are very recent, so that makes a change - but I thought they went well with the Catalina images which have been waiting since last year. The Nanchang CJ-6A photos have also been waiting a while, as has the completion of the wanaka page - so I feel I'm getting some loose ends wrapped up. That's 94 images added, which is way more than I've managed for a while. Hits are up too, but despite all that mail is down. Go figure!

Changes for June, 1999

Progress continues - I'm still very busy, but I'm managing to get some work done on the site. Two updates this month for a total of 44 images, on a variety of aircraft. I'm pleased to finally get the Japanese aircraft on-line. The update on the Auckland Museum has also been somewhat remiss. Site hits are down, but that seems normal for this time of year - but I'm not short on mail. See you next month!

Changes for May, 1999

May didn't turn out to be too bad. Despite all the changes on the domestic front, I managed two updates for as total of 42 images. Activity on the site was great - the busiest month yet, and it finally broke the 30,000 vistors mark. The DC-3s have drawn good feedback, as did the Birddog - people obviously like these planes.

Changes for April, 1999

April has been outstanding in a number of ways - more hits than ever before, the biggest updates in a while (88 images this month, and checkout the links) - which were just in time - and the birth of my first-born son on April 21st. Things are looking up alround - although the last item listed may slow things down for the months to come!

Changes for March, 1999

Summary to come

Changes for February, 1999

Well, I'm still snowed under with work and other stuff going on in my life! So its just one update this month concentrating on jet aircraft. So that means the long requested Vampire Cockpit pictures are up, and another aircraft - the Magister has been added. Doug sent me an exterior picture of the Ashburton museum a long time ago - sorry about the wait. Only 37 images this time, but at least something got done!

Changes for January, 1999

I wasn't sure how I'd get on this month, as I was going through preparations for my Wedding on the 30th. In amongst all the mayhem, I did manage a couple of updates amounting to 85 images. These were predominantly the Russian aircraft which appeared at last years Warbirds over Wanaka as part of the 'Russian' theme. I have had a number of requests for pictures of the Polikarpovs, so this has brought a good response. Apart from that, there was a small correction (sorry Paul), and the usual links, etc. So overall, I'm pleased with how things are going!

Changes for December, 1998

Things are settling down for the site now - two updates again. Only 63 images this month - but an interesting mix good walkarounds of the WWII Corsair and Vietnam-era A-37. My work on the site has remained steady (even with the Christmas interruption), so I hope to continue updates at this rate. Mail has dropped off, so I assume folks have been otherwise occupied although accesses have been consistent (a three day outage on the counter may have messed up the figures somewhat).

Changes for November, 1998

A busy month - 130 pictures being added, in two updates covering 17 different types. That's a similar performance to last month - so I feel like the site is coming along again. Two new types (Hawker Hunter and SkyArrow 480) have been introduced to the aircraft list. Image processing is at a higher rate than earlier in the year, but I missed a few months and have a backlog to get through. Access is steady, and I'm getting plenty of feedback.

Changes for October, 1998

The site is definitely working again - 104 images in two updates covering 17 different types. Some layout changes have been implemented - particularly reducing this update page to the last six months, and creating a longer history page, removing the closeup listing to its own page, plus rearranging the links pages. The new location is attracting a reasonable amount of attention, and mail responses are up. Joined the Aero-Ring which may be helping. No progress yet on checking the individual photo pages.

Changes for September, 1998

Things here have started to come back to life. I gave up on waiting for the mirror site to ever eventuate (so it probably will now), and spent some money on a new web provider. So I have spent the last two weeks moving the site and tidying things up. It is my intention to retain the old site for the benefit of New Zealand browsers. I have finally made progress on the aircraft pages overhaul - the first block being made available - the second block will be ready early next month. The next step will be to check individual photo pages (yuck). I have also been catching up on links and other 'regular' work.

Changes for August, 1998

Nothing in the way of updates again this month. I am still making progress off-line in overhauling the aircraft pages, having done manufacturers A to F. Things have been extremely busy workwise, so I will wait and post them in a bulk batch next month.

Changes for July, 1998

Nothing in the way of updates this month. I am making progress off-line in overhauling the aircraft pages. Will wait and post them in a bulk batch next month.

Changes for June, 1998

Things have pretty much gone from slow to stop. Posted a site shut down notice and started on overhauling the text material which has accumulated gaps and innacuracies. The site reamined open to New Zealand and Australian subscribers. I expect to have the refurbishment completed in time for the mirror setup in September.

Changes for May, 1998

Things have been pretty quiet as I recover from my trip to the South Island - not to mention catching up on the work I'm paid for. I've also been distracted by work for the print media. The only real change has been some corrections received for the Catalina page, and a marked rise in the number of New Zealand sites I've been able to locate. The best of which is the RNZAF page (finally).

Changes for April, 1998

The single update is becoming a habit , but 89 images in one go is a sizeable addition. Two main sections - the long awaited Solent virtual tour (32 images), and pictures from the Ohakea air day (57 images). The update is early as I need to head south for the Wanaka airshow - which seems to be helping keep the vistor rate and email on my site up. Added Finland to the domains with access, as NZ aviation seems popular all over Scandinavia.

Changes for March, 1998

Life is keeping me busy, so only one update again - 47 images this time, once again utilizing pictures from Ardmore and the Sportavex98 show. The number of visitors remains strong, and I'm still getting requests for wider access.

Changes for February, 1998

Another busy month, although only one update - but 64 images. More pictures from Ardmore (25 images), plus a bumper crop from the Sport Flying Association's Sportavex98 flyin at Matamata (39 images, with more to come). That's 31 aircraft types added to. I also tidied up a few things in the presentation, and made the regular updates (links and stats). The number of visitors remains strong with more than 1000 hits for the month.

Changes for January, 1998

Quite a good month - 73 images in total for three updates. I have finished the EuroTour with the Cosford Aerospace Museum pictures, added a new aircraft with the Sikorsky S-76A, and made image additions to the P-40 and DH-100, along with new text on the Catalina and Canberra pages. Finally removed the remnants of Guest Gallery I, and replaced it with a link to Alex Mitchell's new site. The new home button added to all pages should allow anyone who doesn't surf in by the front door to get the frames navigation working. Accesses have been strong, but I have still added several new domains (.dk, .fr, and .no). Its good to see lots of new NZ links coming on-line too.

Changes for December, 1997

This has been a surprisingly busy month - image access has been re-enabled to a number of domains (.au, .ca, de, .nl, .se, and .uk). Aircraft features include new material on the Bell 222, an update on the Lancaster (and some corrections), and much requested pictures of a Vampire Cockpit. The Eurotour feature for this month is the Shuttleworth Collection. Thats a total of 89 new images over three updates.

Changes for November, 1997

This month has been a bit more normal than October - International access has been re-enabled to the site text, and Australian access to the images. I have managed to add new material, particularly the Dragon closeup, and Hendon feature, as well as new text info for the P-40 , Sabre , Lancaster and Moth Minor. I have also tidied up a few things (like the 'links' and 'my photography' pages). In total thats 64 images added and 4 removed.

Changes for October, 1997

October has been somewhat of a writeoff - apart from being very busy with work I have had to close the site to non-domestic traffic. The cost has become too much to justify with teaching having finished for the semester. The change to frames last month has only halved the traffic level - I have also been under pressure to reduce disk usage - hence the removal of the first guest gallery. My hope is that I can find a mirror site, and resume 'normal' service'.

Changes for September, 1997

The main change this month has been the conversion to frames. This was driven by the need to reduce the volume of traffic, which had resulted in a two week closure. This also gave an opportunity to make a number of corrections. Regular updates have included 78 new images, with the Vintage AeroClub Flyin, including the Antonov 12 close-up, and a variety of other new aircraft; the next Euro-Tour section on the FAA Museum at Yeovilton, plus news on former NZ Gooses, and more Kiwi sites on the links page.

Changes for August, 1997

Back into things this month, having returned from Europe. Introduced a new feature to display some of the photographs I made in Europe - the first section being images from the Flying Legends air show at Duxford. Added two Guest Gallery presentations, featuring an article by Bob livingstone, and pictures from Matthew Beaven. That's 135 images in total. Regular work included updating the links and stats pages, some data and detail fixes, and a number of html corrections.

Changes for July, 1997

No additions this month as Phil was otherwise occupied, finishing his holiday, getting all those photos developed, and trying to work out what should go on the site first.

Changes for June, 1997

No additions this month as Phil was away in Europe collecting material, and generally having a good time.

Changes for May, 1997

Two updates, and some corrections this month. New features included the Rescue helicopter page, and a virtual tour of the Catalina (following my flight om May 18th). Split the Taupo and Tauranga pages away from the miscellaneous airfields as they gained more material. Added a major close up off Bryan Bell-Syers L-4B at Rukuhia. More additions to the bibliography, and some text updates as news came to hand (particularly courtesy of Phil Furner).

Changes for April, 1997

Two updates, and some corrections this month. Pressure of work hasn't left me much time for the site this month. A total of only 37 pictures (14 then 23) covering the Balloon Fiesta, my visit to the Taranaki Aviation Transport and Technology Museum, and a new feature on Rescue Helicopters.

Changes for March, 1997

The two updates a month has become standard, with the first update being 22 pictures covering aircraft on approach to Auckland International, images of RNZAF Andovers, and updates on the Museum pages (including new images from the Auckland Museum). The second update (32 images) included the promised close up of the PBY-5a Catalina, and had a Russian influence with new pages on the Yak-52 and Mil-8. The last addition was pictures from the Stratford Fly-In held early in the month, mainly featuring homebuilts and microlights.

Changes for February, 1997

Well I seem to be slowing down a bit, the first update didn't happen till halfway through the month. 50 images this month - first up was some long promised material - like the miscellaneous DC-3's , the L.37 Ventura (Lexington) and L.10 Electra pages. A nice surprise was the F-86F Sabre page (having finally been able to contact the owner). Some text changes to the Flying Flea, Hudson, and Iroquois pages. The second update (27 images) was the B.170 close-up, and a variety of pictures from over the years of the annual Hamilton Balloon Fiesta. The links page has also been checked and updated.

Changes for January, 1997

The site has settled into a pattern of two updates each month. This month has seen new developments such as the Guest Gallery introduction, and the non-aviation pictures illustrating some of my other interests. Aircraft pictures have been added for the Wasp and Flying Flea, with additions to the A4 and Lancaster pages. Text additions have been made to the Hudson, Orion, and O-2 entries.

Changes for December, 1996

Not so much of a month for addition, but consolidation. The 'Kiwi Aircraft Images' look was applied to all the pages, and links made consistent - along with a new front page with (hopefully) a clearer directory of the site contents. The additions that were made included the Mig-21, Goose and Lodestar pages, as well as major updates for the Sunderland, Solent, and 747. Access rates have remained high (averaging 1?/day) for a total of ??? for the month.

Changes for November, 1996

Again there were four main updates for this month - aircraft page additions included the Bandeirante, Trojan, Vampire (a close up), and a stripped down Harvard. For locations - the Tauranga, Auckland, and Rarotonga pages, along with the RNZAF Te Rapa gate guardian, and an updated Ardmore page were included. I introduced some new pages, including a bibliography of my sources, a links page (including various NZ aviation sites), and extra pages discussing my photography, and the Kiwi are available. The highlight was the addition of a 'close up' detailing the interior of Lancaster NX665. I advertised the site (rec.aviation.military, rec.aviation.restoration, and rec.models.scale) on Nov 21st - the response was 45 new hits in a day (427 new visitors for the month).

Changes for October, 1996

Four major updates during this month. I made a couple of layout changes as the site finally became "Kiwi Aircraft Images", and deleted access to the image directory as this was becoming too large and unwieldy. A number of aircraft pages (15) were added (Auster, BAC 167, Beech 18, 747, Beaver, Chipmunk, Mosquito ...) during the month and the 'Close Up' pages were started (Spitfire, Mustang, ...). Now people really started to notice the site (178 new visitors for the month).

Changes for September, 1996

After an initial rush of work, the August/September teaching break provided an opportunity to begin to expand the site. The number of aircraft types expanded rapidly as I spent a lot of time using the scanner. I added a counter on September 4th, estimating hits to that point to be ten people whom I had told about the site. I began emailing various sites requesting links to be added, and the counter started to tick over (39 new visitors for the month). After seeing some other sites (including one other 'Phil') I decided that Kiwi Aircraft Images was a more suitable identity for the site.

Changes for August, 1996

I began work on this site at the beginning of August. I had become curious about HTML after seeing what some of the Part II students at Waikato University were doing. After some communication with Peter Evans regarding how he had set up his site, and through Peter to Jim Sterling, I began to experiment. In less than a fortnight, on August 13th, the site went live. Initially this was known as "Phil's Classic Kiwi Aircraft" and was a way to showcase my aviation photographs. I set out the material by location (airfield, airshow, museum), by aircraft, and by a photo index.

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