Guest Gallery

Although this site started off as a way to showcase my photographs, I have come in contact with a number of other keen photographers who have material to display. So I have added this section to show their work - particularly images from areas I haven't been able to get to yet! The two more 'guest' spots are now here - and others will be available soon!

  1. featured the work of Alex Mitchell & Shayne Dwyer. This gallery has now been withdrawn as they have their own site at Warbirds over New Zealand .
  2. featuring an article by Australian aviation writer and researcher Bob Livingstone . This describes the events which occurred in April 1992 when a Lockheed Lodestar was flown across the Tasman from Australia to attend the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow.
  3. featuring the work of Matthew Beaven . This gallery displays a variety of South Island Rescue Helicopters.
  4. featuring the work of Bill Barber . This gallery contains spec's, photos, and other details pertaining to Bill's Snark microlight.

Last update: 10 November, 2000

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