A New Zealand Aviation Bibliography

This project to compile a bibliography of New Zealand aviation publications was motivated by my interest as an amateur history researcher, and as a collector of such books. I have had a 'books to find' list for sometime, and I was curious to know what else was available. It seems (and I have looked) that there are only a few bibliographies already available, mainly put together by the online bookshops, and those are somewhat thin. Published bibliographies are also rare. I am aware of three, all produced as library school projects, and all done some time ago. My expectation was to find three to four hundred items. At this time, the listing is growing close on two thousand items. Not all are books, but will be of historic interest. Knowing that there are a number of people interested in the subject, I hope this project fills a need. I eventually hope to publish the material in more permanent form.

The bibliography has been assembled by trawling through a number of online catalogues using keyword searches. Over 120 terms such as 'aviation', 'aeronautics', 'flying', 'pilot' and 'TEAL' have been used. The collected records are sorted, edited, classified, and then added to the listing. The process is not difficult, but is time consuming. The intention has been to use a broad definition of aviation, allowing for fixed and rotary wing, powered and unpowered, manned and unmanned flight. Support services are included, as are model aviation, and fiction. I have however excluded rocketry, and anything (with one exception) to do with UFOs. The current classifications can be seen below.

The hunt started with the National Library of New Zealand, and has continued through the various University library catalogues. This is now being extended to the Polytechnic libraries, and the Public libraries. Some overseas catalogues, such as the Library of Congress, British Library, and Royal Aeronautical Society library have also been used. While some manuscript material has been identified, I eventually hope to add Turnbull library and similar material to the listing.

The difficulty with using catalogues is that one is at the mercy of the cataloguer. I have identified some errors during the search. Some items have been listed which may not be entirely appropriate. I have erred on the side of inclusivity, so be cautious. The next phase of the project will require examination of the items that are less well described in the catalogues to check whether they should continue to be included. This means physically visiting the libraries to check the items - so that may take a while.

If you can fill in gaps, or provide further items for listing, please contact me at treweek@cs.waikato.ac nz. Thanks to Chris Rudge, Peter Layne and the other people who have contributed and assisted.

Last updated: 2 August, 2001


1) Periodicals (96kb)
2) Proceedings (32kb)
3) Theses & Research papers (52kb)
4) Accident and Incident reports (100kb)
5) Books - non fiction : Reduced record format (196kb)
6) Books - fiction (8kb)
7) Books - poetry (8kb)
8) Books -juvenile (48kb)
9) Maps (24kb)
10) Posters (24kb)
11) Resource Kits (24kb)
12) Other (24kb)

The listing will open in a new window. Please note that some of the files linked above are very large. The auto-conversion to html is still a little shaky, so there may be formatting errors.


AUL Auckland University Library Catalogue
CUL Canterbury University Library Catalogue
LUC Lincoln University Library Catalogue
MUC Massey University Library Catalogue
OUC Otago University Library Catalogue
NLC National Library of New Zealand Catalogue
WUC Waikato University Library Catalogue
VUC Victoria University Library Catalogue


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