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The Model 120 went into production in 1946. The high wing, two seat taildragger was the first of the post-war family of Cessna single engine aircraft. The metal fuselage/ fabric wing Model 120 was produced along with the 'deluxe' Model 140 which featured more refinements (such as a starter, manual flaps, extra windows, and in the case of the 140A - an all metal wing). The aircraft originally featured an 85hp engine, although a 90hp was later utilised. The Model 120 is reported to be reliable, well mannered, docile, and fun to fly. 2,172 Model 120s were built (as compared to 4904 Model 140s) up until the end of production in 1950. In 1957, the model 140 provided the basis for the development of the tricycle undercarriage model 150.

One Cessna 120 has appeared on the New Zealand register. The aircraft (illustrated below) first flew on August11, 1946 (c/n11102). It was acquired from the USA (as NC76662) by Parker Mudge of Queenstown and Nick Oppergard of Seattle, who went through the gauntlet of first of type with the New Zealand CAD. The aircraft has passed through several owners (including Ton Snelder and the Wakatipu Aero Club) and today it is one of two aircraft operated by the New Zealand Vintage AeroClub. In 2000 the aircraft was damaged in a landing accident (a freak wind gust overturned the aircraft). Normally based in Rotorua, the aircraft is presently in storage awaiting wing repairs.

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