McDonnell Douglas (T)A-4K Skyhawk

Close Up

The images on this page were obtained in several sessions - the first of these were produced with a 'point and click' type camera, so they're not the best - but they may be of use to modellers. The remainder are more to my usual standard. Remember to let me know if you have a request for an image of a particular part of the aircraft - but as this aircraft is now out of service it may take a while!

rear view rear fuselage underside underside starboard wheel well starboard wheel well nose well port well - forward port well - aft
nose wheel well nose wheel well nose gear cockpit exterior cockpit interior
cockpit interior TA-4 cockpit exterior APG-66 & mount


Special thanks to Paul Barlow, Warwick Jones, Alan Reynolds, and Glen Turner for providing much needed information to flesh out the captions!

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