A-4K Skyhawk



Taken at Ohakea, December 13, 2001. Cockpit exterior - the angle of attack vane is visible below the aircraft number. The stencil says 'DO NOT HANDLE'. The white circlewith black surround below this is labelled 'ENGINE BLEED STATIC PORT'. The arrow head shaped port below this is the cockpit airconditioning inlet. Forward of this is the pitot static orifice which has an RBF cover in place. The small dot to the left of the number is the brake fluid window. The stencil with the pilot's name (in this case 75 Squadron CO W/C Osborne) is non-standard, and was painted for the final flypast. The small stencil at centre says 'CAUTION LOX VENT'. Note the ejection seat and rescue markings. The emergency stencil reads 'EMERGENCY RESCUE CONTROL', with the words "PUSH THEN PULL HANDLE INSIDE' inside the hatched area and 'CAUTION EXPLOSIVE CANOPY RELEASE' immediately to the left.

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