A-4K Skyhawk



Taken at Ohakea, December 13, 2001. Lower fuselage access door - looking forward and to port. The door is located between the flaps and is seen here in the down position. The area inside is commonly known as the 'aft hell hole'. The door has a quick release hinge and can be removed for refueling. The fuel coupling and control panel are on the port side of the. Note the door carries a bag (marked '16' for the aircraft) for stowing remove before flight pins and covers. To the left of the bag can be seen some tool stowage - a No2 Philips and No2 slotted screwdriver are in place. The base of the arrestor hook can be seen to the left. In front of this is a blanking plate for the Countermeasures Dispenser System (CDS). When the CDS is not in place a lead weight is carried to simulate the weight of the unit.

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