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The British Aerospace Jetstream has its roots in the Handley Page H.P.137. Originally conceived as a 12-20 seat executive/commuter, construction of four prototypes was begun in January 1966. The first flew on August 18, 1967, and the first production Jetstream 1 on December 6, 1968. The uprated Jetstream 2 was introduced in late 1969, (as the 31st production aircraft). However, by the time certification was underway the expanding costs had led the 60 year-old Handley Page company into liquidation, activity ceasing in 1970. The project was eventually picked up by Scottish Aviation Ltd and the 18 passenger Jetstream 200 went into production. Although a USAF order was cancelled, the aircraft was used for training by the RAF in three versions, with 26 aircraft delivered from 1973. The aircraft (as T.1, T.2, and T.3 models) remains in service with 45(R) Squadron.

In 1978 Scottish Aviation was absorbed as a Division of British Aerospace, and on December 5, 1978 a new version of the Jetstream was announced. The prototype (G-JSSD) was converted from a Jetstream 1 and first flew on March 28, 1980. The first production aircraft was rolled out on January 25, 1982. Four versions (18/19 passenger airliner, 12 seat executive, corporate, and a special role) were produced. A heavier Super 31 version first flew on October 7, 1988. The Jetstream 32 is further uprated (1020shp TPE331-12) and features the Edam installation to wings and tail improving the aerodynamics, as well as cockpit upgrades.

Three airlines currently operate Jetstreams in New Zealand. Origin Pacific introduced the Jetstream 31 in 1997. Originally intended to cater for the charter market, they now fly scheduled services in conjunction with Metros. The Jetstream 32EP is used by Rex Aviation (NZ) and Air National - both under the Ansett New Zealand Banner. Air National currently operate on the Wellington-Rotorua route (with the aircraft having commenced work on October 26, 1998). The Rex Aviation (NZ) aircraft replaced the former Bandeirante fleet on June 4, 1999 and operate wider regional services based on a Wellington hub. The currently operating aircraft are:

Jetstream 31 (series 3100 model 3102)

Jetstream 32EP (series 3200 model 3201)

One other aircraft, a series 3100 model 3101 has been operated by Origin Pacific.

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