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Nestor Slepcev's Storch is a three-quarter replica of the 1936 Fiesler Storch operated by the Luftwaffe during World war II. The replica retains the long undercarriage, the high visibility cockpit, and the STOL performance. Slepcev designed his own aerofoil based on a modified Clark Y, along with slats and flaps. The development involved the use of radio control models (4m wingspan), a single seater, and then a two seater which was displayed at Oshkosh in 1994. The aircraft is marketed fully assembled from Australia, as a firewall back kit, or as seperate fuselage and wing kits, and as plans for the keen homebuilder.

The Storch has been described as a 'fun' aircraft. Access requires somewhat of a climb, and the cockpit layout is tandem seating with dual-controls. Cruise is not fast (65-70kts) but the aircraft is agile, and the STOL performance is striking. Stalling speed is 15kts and the takeoff and landing roll can be well under 15m in the right conditions. The aircraft is considered attractive to the 'warbird' market, and people interested in the Storch's special performance.

The aircraft illustrated below (c/n 36) was demonstrated around New Zealand by Nestor Slepcev and owner Jim Hazelton. The photographs were taken at the Sport Aircraft Association flyin (Sportavex98) at Matamata in January 1998.

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