Cessna O-1 (L-19) Bird Dog


The Model 305, a development of the Model 170 was a private venture which in 1950 won the competition for a new standard liason/observation aircraft for the US army. Originally designated the L-19, this was changed to O-1 in 1962. The aircraft has no direct military links to New Zealand, but is familiar to some RNZAF pilots who flew FAC operations while on exchange with the USAF in Vietnam. A number of the aircraft have been imported into New Zealand, and are developing a real popularity as warbirds. The first of type, ZK-FYA entered the Register on the 12 August 1991. The aircraft currently in New Zealand are:

Last Update:- 27 May 1999

Technical Data

Data is for O-1E


side view - airshow 92 flyby - North Shore Dec 95 on approach - North Shore Dec 95 rear quarter view - Rukuhia, 1994 nose three quarter view - Ardmore 1998 Washing the Dog side view - Ardmore 1998 side view - Ardmore 1998 nose three quarter view - Ardmore 1998 nose three quarter view - Ardmore 1998

Close Up

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cockpit - panel cockpit -  interior glazing cockpit - looking forward
cockpit - seating starboard main undercarriage tail aerials tail wheel
tail section rear cabin glazing nose and windscreen

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