Gardan GY-20 Minicab


The Minicab was designed by Yves Gardan in 1949. Produced in limited numbers between 1952 and 1958. the design was acquired by A.W. Ord-Hume in Britain, who anglicised the plans. Adjusted them for home builders, the aircraft has subesequently proved extremely popular. The aircraft is marketed in North America as the Hawk BM.4 by Miranda Aircraft of Canada. One of their kitsets has come to New Zealand, with a number of aircraft being built from plans. A dozen Minicabs currently appear on the New zealand civil register, and more are under construction.

Last Update:- 3 October, 1999

Technical Data


Ashburton - front Ashburton - front Ashburton - rear Te Awamutu - front Te Awamutu - front

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