Ferrymead Aeronautical Society

Ferrymead Historic Park, Christchurch I called at the Museum on my way south to the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow - something a lot of folks did. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours with workshop volunteer Dave Newman who gave me a lot of background on the various aircraft and the society's plans - as well as access to several of the aircraft!

The Society was formed in 1971 with the aim of finding, restoring, preserving, and exhibiting items relating to aviation. For many years they have had a workshop and storage area at the Ferrymead Museum site. They are only a small group, so progress has been dependent on available people, skills and money. In recent years they have been constructing (as finances allow), a display hangar.

Aircraft in the Society's collection include B.170 ZK-CRK, DH100 NZ5758, Mosquito's NZ2328 and NZ2382 (the two will be combined as a single static restoration), LC-47H, Hudson NZ2035, Harvard NZ1058, Viscount ZK-BRF, plus various aviation related vehicles and items. Several projects are happening on site (the Vampire and Hudson restorations), while the Viscount is being worked on at the Air New Zealand workshop.

The museum is open daily. There is a small admission charge.

Ferrymead Aeronautical Society,
P.O.Box 25-044,

Phone (+64)(03) 384 1970 (Ferrymead Historic Park)

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