Cavalier SA.102.5


The Cavalier is a redesign of the Gardan GY-20 Minicab originally created by Yves Gardan in 1949. Norman McLeod of K&S Aircraft Supply (Calgary, Canada) produced the new design which continued the Minicab style construction, but introduced swept tail surfaces, tip tanks, and a tricycle undercarriage (although it can be be built as a taildragger). The nose area is stronger to take the tricycle undercarriage, and to handle engines up to 135hp. The prototype first flew in 1969.

The design has been popular with New zealand constructors, although only four currently appear on the active register. These are ZK-CZF (c/n AACA/77), ZK-DJJ (c/n AACA/199), ZK-DJS (c/n AACA/250), and ZK-DYC (c/n AACA/251).

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