Bae 146 'WhisperJet'


The Bae146 was originally a Hawker Siddeley project launched in 1973 to develop a feeder jet. The development was suspended in the mid-1970's, but the project was revived after Hawker Siddeley became part of British Aerospace. The short haul airliner first flew at Hatfield in September 1981. The aircraft entered service (with Dan Air) in 1983. The four engine design is unusual for an aircraft in this role, but the relatively quiet operation of the ALF502R-5 turbofans has led to the aircraft being known as the 'WhisperJet'. The quietness and four engined arrangement makes the aircraft competitive on safety and environmental grounds. A Garrett AiResearch GTCP36-100 APU allows unrefueled multi-stop capability, further enhancing the aircrafts attractiveness to operators. The original -100 model can accomodate 93 passengers. The -200 with a 2.41 fuselage stretch can accomodate 109 passengers, and the -300 with a further 2.38m fuselage stretch can accomodate up to 130 passengers.

Ansett New Zealand introduced the Bae146 to its operations in 1989, as a replacement for its Boeing 737's on the main trunk routes. The first two -200 models (ZK-NZA and NZB) arrived in July, and a -200QC (ZK-NZC) in October 1989. The -200QC (G-BPBT) was trialled for three months before its purchase (24 January 1990). NZA and NZB departed to Australia in 1992, and the fleet has grown to nine -300 aircraft. NZC remains, but has been used for freight only since the end of 1997 ( and is capable of carrying more than 10,000kg). Ansett New Zealand operates the Bae146 with 2 crew and 4 flight attendants (the -200 formerly had 3 attendants) for 81 passengers. The aircraft can be reconfigured in short order to meet requirements for executive and economy class passengers. The maintenance base for these aircraft is in Christchurch.

The current Ansett New Zealand Bae146 fleet is:
ZK-NZC -200QC (c/n E2119) 'City of Manukau' (Oct 89)
ZK-NZF -300 (c/n E3134) 'City of Wellington' (Dec 89)
ZK-NZG -300 (c/n E3135) 'City of Christchurch' (Dec 89)
ZK-NZI -300 (c/n E3143) 'City of Dunedin' (Dec 89)
ZK-NZH -300 (c/n E3137) 'City of Auckland' (Jan 90)
ZK-NZJ -300 (c/n E3147) 'City of Nelson' (Mar 90)
ZK-NZK -300 (c/n E3190) 'City of Invercargill' (Feb 92)
ZK-NZL -300 (c/n E3175) 'City of Rotorua' (Aug 92)
ZK-NZM -300 (c/n E3173) 'Queenstown' (Feb 95)
ZK-NZN -300 (c/n E3177) (Feb 96)

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