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I'm glad you could find my pages. My name is Phillip Treweek, and I hope you enjoy the images and other material I have on display here. I can be contacted at: treweek@ nz

Please note that this site is highly graphical - you should autoload images for the best effect. The site is frames-based and does not cater to non-frame capable browsers. Sorry - had to do this a while back to fix a problem, and have not had time to produce a non-frames version. An 800x600 screen resolution is recommended.

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I love old planes - I love new planes too, but old planes really have a fascination for me. I also love to use my camera, and somehow classic planes and photography just seem to go together. This site started off as an excuse to show off some of my photographs (which it still does) - but I hope that it now serves to let people know a little about how exciting the warbird, vintage, and general aviation scene is here in New Zealand.

I have had an interest in aviation for many years (my Dad and his brothers were in the RNZAF). I started making photographs seriously in the late 1980s. More recently I have been a correspondent for several New Zealand based Aviation Magazines and a member of the Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand. For a little more background about me, try here.

I must add a disclaimer that I am an enthusiast and not an expert. I can not (and do not) guarantee any of the information I provide in the following pages. I gather information from whatever sources I can - and I try to be correct (hell I'm interested in knowing what's going on) but don't always (if ever) have the full picture. If you find an error - or have some interesting news, please let me know (treweek@ nz). So if you intend to use the information, it should be checked for accuracy against other sources - some of my sources are listed in my bibliography.

Feel free to add a link to these pages (banners here). Drop me a note if you like what's here (its nice to know who has noticed), or if you have any suggestions. I'm always willing to gossip about aircraft! If you want to use any of the images, see the note here . I hope you enjoy your visit!

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A note about the Images

I run this site as a hobby - it is not a commercial operation. So in response to the many requests, no I do not have photo sets for sale. I do not generally exchange photos either. I'm not a photo collector - I take the pictures for my own pleasure. I should also point out that I do not have 3-view or line drawings to supply. I am a photographer.

I have had a number of requests for pictures of specific parts on a variety of aircraft - I am happy to do this (hence the note on the close up pages), but this is not an instant service. I'll get them as soon as I can, but some of these aircraft are based a considerable way from where I live. So I'll grab the chance to photograph them as , and when I can. I'll notify the people who requested the images when I get them, and post them as soon as I can!


A final note on the pictures - unless otherwise stated all material on this site is copyrighted to me and I retain all rights, unless otherwise noted. If you wish to use any of this material (text or images), contact me at nz.

People may save the pictures to their own hard-drives for their own personal use. I know a lot of modellers use the detail pictures and I am happy for them to do this. I do not agree to the material being distributed by CD, through newsgroups, from other sites, or by other means. Commercial use is specifically prohibited. I'm not making money out of this - I don't expect anyone else to either.

I get a lot of requests for permission to use my pictures on website. Generally my standpoint is that I don't like to see unnecessary proliferation of the same material all over the internet. When you go to a site you expect to see something new. Just like when you pick up a book - you don't want a rehash of half a dozen others you've already read. I do feel there are cases where the pictures my be relevant (filling a gap in some theme or topic), and I have given some web-authors permission. please contact me if you feel using my pictures is relevant.


This site has had help from a number of people, dating back to when it was on the drawing board in 1996 - from the early days I would like to thank Peter Evans for providing me with some motivation, Jim Sterling who has passed on useful comments and advice, and Graham Moss from whom I have received a lot of support. Tom Cleaver harassed me into moving ISP so I could get access open again. In New Zealand I have had a lot of assistance getting aircraft access from Chris Hinch at the Fighter Pilots Museum and various people at New Zealand Warbirds. I have also had Peter Layne double-checking my aircraft details and filling more than a few gaps in my knowledge. I must also thank Nilesh Kanji and Andrew Donkin for their technical support, and Tim Elphick for his design assistance.

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