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Currently there are over 4,000 images of 190 different aircraft types available. I intend for these pages to be more than a reference book type summary of aircraft and pictures - so don't expect that. For the latest changes - go here. I have included a bunch of personal anecdotes along the way because I think these images, and the aircraft exist in a context which needs fuller explanation. The material is arranged in a number of pages.

Aircraft Pages: These pages can be accessed through the menu bar to the left. Each page, showing a sample of the images, leads to a subpage with the full set of thumbnail pictures from which you can choose to see the full image. Pages are based around:

Feature Pages: These contain material which is a little different to the main pages. Pages include:

a virtual tour of the interior of Lancaster NX665 (at MoTaT)

a virtual tour of the interior of PBY-5a ZK-PBY (at Tauranga)
more pictures of ZK-PBY

cockpit, wheel well, and other 'detail' photos (handy modelling references).

a selection of pictures in a larger format to download and use as backgrounds.

a feature on emergency services, including photos of an actual rescue.

a feature on various UK museums and events attended in June & July, 1997.

a feature on various UK & US museums and events attended in October, 2001.

a report on my first balloon flight - at the 1998 Hamilton Balloon Fiesta.

a report on my first hang glider flight - with Skytrek at Queenstown.

some contributions from other enthusiasts.

some of the groups involved in operating, restoring, & preserving aircraft.

a comprehensive listing of NZ aviation related books and periodicals.

Extra Pages: These contain other possibly useful material. Pages include:

some background on my photography (why, how, what).

a short explanation for those of you who don't know (and why this site is called 'Kiwi' Aircraft Images)!

useful sites and indexes of aviation related material (including a listing of NZ sites).

a summary of what's been happening with this site.

what's new (and a history of this site).

Non Aviation Pages: My other obsession:

has details of another of my research projects.

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