Okay, so I'm updating less frequently - but there is a lot to look through to find what's changed. I know a few of you are checking me out frequently, so this page provides a short cut to the changes. This page only covers the last few months - a summary of the history of the site is also available.

Changes for August, 2004

Summary still to come

Changes for July, 2004

No update.

Changes for June, 2004

Have some pages coming together - after nine months I should have an update soon. I must admit to having being somewhat sidetracked by my interest in NZR rail-cranes.

Changes for May, 2004

No update - have done some scanning. Should get something up soon.

Changes for April, 2004

No update. I'm working part-time and helping out at home, and somehow seem to have less time than when I'm working.

Changes for March, 2004

No update - again.

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