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I'm not in the habit of listing everything I find - I think these are for the most part really useful sites. A number of people have done me the favour of adding a pointer to my site, and I like to return the favour - so this is basically a set of reciprocal links, and the rest I have run across while net-surfing. NZ aviation sites with links to this site are shown on the NZ Aviation Links page

If I've missd your link - please contact me!

@viation Page (Stephan Bauman)
1st Spotters WWW Page (Marcel Van Den Berg)
2412 D/F ATC (Nicholas Anderson)
264 (Madras Presidency) Squadron Association (Geoff Faulkner)
310th Fighter Squadron (Sim) (??)
450 Squadron (RAAF) Page (Alan Aldrich )
460 Squadron (RAAF) Page (Gordon Stooke )
68th Lightning Lancers (Sim) (Rob Thorne)
A1 Add-ons (flight sim) (Danny Rowlands)
A page Full of Links (??)
Aeroclipper Video (Greg Papadeas)
Aeroflight: The Aviation Enthusiasts Web Site (John Hayles)
Air Commando Association (Gene Rossel)
aircadet.net : 2178 Holywood Squadron (??)
Aircraft Scale modeling (Richard M Eglen)
Aircraft Walkaround Centre (Robert Lundin)
AirGasm Air Adventures (Frank Noe)
AirNet Links Site (Howard Curtis)
Air Operations - Vietnam (Tom Pilsch)
Airshow Action Photo Gallery (Peter Steehouwer )
All Wood Wings (Tom Stewart)
Allies in War (War Brides site) (Syd Dean / Dawn Rice)
Arjen's Homepage (Arjen Siegers)
Athens Heli Club (??)
Australian Aviation Archive (John Burford )
Australian Aviation Museum (AAM )
Australian Cessna 180 / 185 Club(Unknown )
Australian Plastic Modellers Association (Shane Jenkins )
Avialantic - Mid Altlantic Aviation (F. Pierce )
Aviation All-Sorts (Bevan Lewis)
Aviation Directory (??)
Aviation Postcard Collector (Chai Peng Kong )
Avi�es Agr'colas (J.Aldeia)
AvPhotos (Mark Kahl)
AvSim (??)
AvTime (??)
Bart's Special Shape Collection (Balloons) (Bart Geeraerts)
Beaver Tails (Neil Aird)
Becker Helicopters (Becker Helicopters)
Beech Staggerwing (Martyn Phillips)
Blackridge and District Model Flying Club (Unknown)
Bob Baxter's Bomber Command (Bob Baxter)
Bob Jenny (Candace)
Boelkow 208 Junior (??)
Boomer's picture Page (??)
Brian's Place (Brian Greenwood)
Bruno's Spotters page (Bruno Lenaerts)
Bruno's Spotterspage (Bruno Lenaerts)
Bumpy Green Model Aerodrome (John Kent)
Buzzez.Com (??)
Calgary Aerospace Museum (Brent Munro )
Canadian Air Forces 'Museum' (Walt Drohan)
Canadian Forces College - Aviation (??)
Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association (Len Sunday)
Canadian Museum of Flight (Brian Rempel )
Catalina Online (John Chapman )
CC Aviation Collection (Craig Carpenter)
Central Finland Aviation Museum (Janne Saarijarvi )
Cessna Skymaster Photo Index (??)
Cheyenne Radio Control Club (Eric Kler)
Chris' T-6 (SNJ Restoration Photos) (Chris Miller)
Classic Aircraft UK (Rick Jones)
Classic Warbirds of the UK (Peter Evans)
Coastal Computers - Flightline II (Bob McKellar)
Coot Amphibious Aeroplane Page (Matt Vogel)
Cornish Links Directory (Alan Richards)
CreationTrek Productions - Aviation (Paul Mitton)
Dariusz Tyminski Air & Modellers Home Page (Dariusz Tyminski )
Dark Matter : Swedish and Worldwide Military Aviation (??)
Daviator.Com (David Eckert)
Dino's Aviation page (Dino van Dorn)
Discovery Online, Name that Plane (??)
Dragan's Aviation Corner (Dragan Kostadinov)
Dragon Aviation (JDW )
Duncan Curtis F-86 Sabre Site (Duncan Curtis )
Dutch Spotters On-Line (Sven Scheffers )
Emanuel (Emanuel Alves)
Enlaces Aeron�uticos (Roberto Pl�)
Eskander (??)
Evangelidis Home Page (Vassilis Evangelidis )
Everett Aero Sales and Support (R.J.Everett)
Ezell Aviation Inc (??)
Fanatyk Plastiku OnLine (Robert P�czkowski)
Fighter Tactics Academy (J.Lindberg )
Fighter-Jets.de (Benedikt Bobinger)
Finals Three Greens (Nicholas Anderson)
Flieger (Mikael Ostberg)
Flight Deck Model Aviation (Norm Gluckman)
Flyg, T�g och Falksping (Janne Hemsida)
Flying Flea Archive (Raymond Buckland)
FlyMagic Flight Experiences (Mike Armstrong)
Friends of the Fighter Collection (Graham Moss )
fs200.koerte.com (Michael Korte)
GeorgeRabe.Com (??)
German Spotters Club (M. Lipple)
Glue-It.co.uk - photographic reference (Nigel Taylor)
Great barrier history (John Gilbert)
Halien Cluster - fly2.us.com (??)
Harry's Homepage (Harry Visser)
Helicopters and Aviation (??)
Heli-Kit News (Chris Jones )
History Central - Aviation (??)
History of the Brazilian Air Force (Rudnei Dias da Cunha )
Ik Wil Het (Jolanda)
Intermodel (Aldo Flores)
International AirShow Pictures (Stefan Fax)
IPMS Norway (??)
IPMS/Sweden (Martin Waligorski)
IPMS/USA (Ralph Forehand )
IPMS Alto Valle (Argentina) (Molotov )
Ironsides - Port Perry (David Summers)
Jet Doc's hangar on the Net (??)
Jim Ross' Aviation Photos (Jim Ross)
Jim's R/C Model Airplane and Aviation page (Jim Schwab)
John Rowe's WebHome (John Rowe )
John's Slepcev Storch Project (John Broomhall)
Kithobbyist Resources - Aircraft (Jeff Barringer)
L'Aeroclub d'Valence (??)
Landings (Eichorn/ Yoshpe)
Larry Westin Family Homepage (Larry Westin )
Las FAEVS fuerzas aéreas españolas virtuales (Jos* Carlos Vali-as)
Lee's web pages (Lee Askew)
Lionel's Home Page (Lionel Smith)
Logbook Magazine (Dave Powers)
Lubuskie Military Museum (Leszek Chmielewski)
Marivox model's Official Website (??)
Martin Photos (Martin Wilkinson)
Martin's Scale Modeling Page (Martin Sczepan)
Martin's Scale Modelling Links (??)
Maxtac's Aircraft for MS FS (Massimo Taccoli)
Michelle's Hanger (Michelle Boland)
Military Aircraft Archive (??)
Military Aviation Photographing (Eddy de Kruijff)
Missing Air Crew.com (Pat T. Ranfranz)
Modelaces.com (Murador Digital Media)
Modelisimo Del Sur (Molotov)
Modellbau Hoelzl (Letze �nderung)
Modellbau Muder (R. Muder)
Modellwelt (Magazine) (??)
Murdo Cameron's P-51G (Prototype 1998) (Murdo Cameron)
Museum of Flight (East Fortune, Scotland) (National Museums of Scotland)
MuseumStuff - Australasia (??)
Mustangs Mustangs (??)
MVK De Kooy (M. De Kooy)
Nanton Lancaster Society (Brent Armstrong )
Navair International Flying College - Australia (??)
New Zealand Stamp First Day Covers (Charles Eggen )
Nilesh's Bit of Web Space (Nilesh Kanji)
North Central West Virginia Scale Modelers (Tom Gilpin)
Norwegian Modellers (Steinar Olsen)
Oldprops (Paul Middleton)
One Voice Audio Productions (Chris Butterfield)
P-40 With Royal New Zealand Air Force (J. Baugher)
Pacific Wings (??)
Paul Senior's Page (Paul Senior )
Pavel Pesek Hobby Page (Pavel Pesek)
Peter Kormos' Home Page (Peter Kormos )
Peter Weston's Biography Page (Peter Weston )
PHG Models (??)
PHOAKS - People Helping One Another Know Stuff (tHEfOLKS )
Pil-Je's home (Pil-Je)
Pipers NZ Pages - Aviation (??)
Plane Spotting links (??)
Planes and Choppers - photos (Marcel (Scotland) & Marcel (the Netherlands))
Plastik Modellbauclub Koln e.V (??)
PMC-Dortmund (??)
Project Vampire (Mark Stant)
Proscale Models (John)
QUT Unmanned Airborne vehicle (??)
Ralph and Elaine Wefel's Home Page (Ralph Wefel )
Richard's pages (Richard Haakma)
Richard's Room (Richard Vantilborg)
Richard Seaman's Web Site (Richard Seaman)
Ron Walpole's Home Page (Ron Walpole)
Royal Canadian Air Cadets - 205 Collishaw Sqn. (??? )
Roy's Aircraft Resources (Roy Cochrun)
Rupak's Indian Air Force Site. (Rupak Chattopadhyay )
Russian Aviation Museum (Alexandre Savine)
S.L.U.F. (??)
ScaleAero Web Magazine (Ed Clayman)
Seaplanes pages (??)
Seawings - the flying boat web site (Bryan Ribbans)
Serial Killaz (Sim) (??)
Simon's Personal Flying Page (Brian Simon)
Sinsal - Egypt: Accommodation (??)
Skyflash Aviation Photo Page (Evert van Koningsveld)
Skyhawk Association (Bud Southworth)
Squadron 282 (Sim) (??)
Stalag 13 Aviation Links (Keith Heitmann)
Steffen's Heimatseite (Steffen Arndt)
Study Web - Aviation resources (??)
Te Puna Web Directory (NZ National Library )
The Aeronut (Thomas McKelvey Cleaver)
The Aeroplane Art Company (Jon A Brunker)
The Aircraft Directory (??)
The American Experience: Fly Girls (??)
The Aviation Home Page (Garrett Wilkerson )
The Chaps Squadron (CH Kingswood)
The English Electric Canberra (Les Bywaters)
The Excellent Light (??)
The Golden Age of Aviation 1918-1939 (Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton )
The Golden Age of Aviation (Darrell Graves)
The Grumman Albatross Website (Ray Wolfe)
The Israeli Air Force (Oren Rozen)
The Military Aircraft Archive (Jeremy Harkin)
The Mosquito Page (Andy Dawson)
The Plug - NZ's Homepage (??? )
The Royal Air Force - Frontline Aircraft since 1939 (??)
The Spitfire Shop (Geoff Brown)
The Weird and Wonderful World of Tim (Tim Elphick)
The Write Shiel (Walt Shiel)
Thirty Thousand Feet (??? )
Thirty Thousand feet Aviation directory (??)
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (Rudi Vavra)
Threesteves Aircraft Resource Center (Three Steves)
Thunder & Lightnings (Damien Burke)
Tony Matteliano's Model Index (Tony Matteliano)
Toronto Aerospace Museum.com (Greg Simpson/Aaron Stapley)
Tweet & the Dragonfly - Cessna A-37 (Kev Darling)
Type 509: Spitfires with two seats (Neil Medcalf)
UGA Aviation OnLine (UGA Media )
Ulster Aviation Society Homepage (Michael McBurney)
Uproar Ones Aerobatic, Clubs, Pictures and Weather Page (??)
VSlkommen till Claes precisionsflygsidor (Claes Johansson)
VFA-87 Golden Warriors (Sim) (??)
Vietnam (Drach8)
Virtual Aircraft Museum (Maksim Starostin)
Virtual Club Frecce Tricolori (Andrea Suriani)
Virtu�ln' (H)eliport (??)
VMFA-312 Checkerboards (Sim) (??)
VMSB-243 Flying Goldbricks (Edward J. Gillespie)
Wagga's Auster (??)
Warbird Alley (Doublestar Group)
Warbirds Worldwide (??)
Warbugs Worldwide Links (Andrew Ronayne )
Web-Birds : Warbirds on the 'Web (Jim Sterling)
"Whistling Death" - Vought F4U-1 (Wade Grant)
Whony's Scale Model links (??)
Wings Over Philadelphia (Paul K.)
World War 1 Aviation Links (Stuart Lumgain)
ww1Fighters.com (Jim Blanchard)
WWW Virtual Library - Aviation (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
WWW.Planespotting.Com (??)
www.tigermothflights.com (Delta Aviation) (Matthew Byatt)
www.vliegtuigen.com (Peter Boel)
Yak-52 Links (??)
Zl'ny rady 26 (??)

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