This page contains larger higher resolution versions of pictures found elsewhere on the Kiwi Aircraft Images site. I have made these available as JPegs as bitmaps (.bmp) are just too big. Pictures are available in 3/2 or 4/3 ratio. The normal scan size on the site is 800x600 pixels. and I have added 1200x800 images. In 4/3 ration I have provided two options - 1152x870 and1024x768. These are all around 150kb-200kb files. I have the original scans (at around 1mb each) if anyone feels the need for more resolution.

For those worried about the legal aspect. I am the copyright holder for all the pictures and I give permission for these to be downloaded for non-commercial use as desktop backgrounds or 'wallpaper'. I retain all rights to the images as copyright holder. The images may not be distributed by any other means, and may not be used commercially.

The pictures shown are only a start - if you would like to request a particular picture from Kiwi Aircraft Images, email me at treweek@ cs.waikato.ac nzand I'll see what I can do. (Not all the images may suit such a large scan size).

To download the photos, click on the size you want. The picture will open in a new window. Use the 'save as' option from your browser to save the file.


  • 'Into the Storm'
oops 1200x800 1152x870 1024x768

ZK-DAK departs from Whangarei. The light meant this picture came out looking more like a painting. The lack of other cues means it could almost be period! This was my wallpaper until replaced by a picture of my son.

  • 'Rush Hour'
oops 1200x800 1152x870 1024x768

Cessna 152's line up at the 13th World Precision Flying Championships in Hamilton during February 1999

  • 'Mountain Cat'
oops 1200x800 1152x870 1024x768

ZK-PBY on finals onto Lake Wanaka. A classic aircraft amidst beuatiful mountain scenery!


  • 'Sea Fog'
oops 1200x800 1152x870 1024x768

One of those in the right place at the right time pictures. Sea Fog on the Whitianga estuary at Easter 1995. The neutral colours make a great background. Used this one myself until replaced by 'Into the Storm'.

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