Aviation Organisations

Although this site started off as a way to showcase my photographs, I have come in contact with a number of people and organisations involved in aircraft operation, restoration, and preservation. Since I am attempting to show a little something of what is happening on the warbird and vintage aircraft scene in New Zealand, it seems appropriate to add a way of contacting these groups.

In the years since I started this site most of these groups have created their own web sites, so this is now an index of links

  1. Air Force World (RNZAF Museum)
  2. Argosy Trust
  3. Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand (AHNZS)
  4. Brendon Deere Restoring Spitfire IXc PV270
  5. The Catalina Group (comprising The Catalina Club and Friends of the Catalina)
  6. Croyden Aviation Heritage Trust
  7. Gisborne Aviation Preservation Society
  8. NZ Fighter Pilots Museum
  9. NZ Warbirds Association (Inc)
  10. Pionair - Classic Adventure Travel
  11. Pioneer Aero Restorations Ardmore
  12. Sport and Vintage Aviation Society (SVAS) Masterton
  13. Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum
  14. Warbird Dakota Society Inc
  15. Warbird Egress Systems NZ Ltd

Last update: 30 July, 2002

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