NA T-28 Trojan


The Trojan was North American's successor to the AT-6. The first of two prototypes was flown on September 26, 1949. The aircraft was accepted for US service and 1,194 R-1300-1 powered T-28As were built for the USAF. A number of these aircraft were later supplied to airforces in South America and South East Asia. In 1954, the more powerful 1425hp R-1820-86 T-28B was produced for the USN, and the following year, the arrestor-hook fitted T-28C. 489 T-28B and 299 T-28C were completed. Production ended in 1957, but this did not mark the end of Trojan development. The prototype T-28D was flown in 1961. This was a conversion of the T-28A involving re-engining with the R-1820-56S, and the addition of six wing hardpoints. Conversions began in 1962, with 321 being made by North American, and 72 by Fairchild-Hiller. Many of these aircraft later served in Vietnam. 245 aircraft were modified by Sud Aviation for the French Air Force, which used them in Algeria where they were known as 'Fennecs.' A further conversion, the YAT-28E was flown on February 15, 1963. This incorporated a 2450shp Lycoming T55 turboprop, and added a further six hardpoints. However, only three were completed.

TheT-28 has no formal military connections with New Zealand. The first Trojan imported to New Zealand (illustrated below) was in 1989 by John Greenstreet, who was unfortunately killed not long after it was imported. The aircraft (a 1956 T-28C c/n 226-140, ex N583GH) is now operated by a Warbirds Association syndicate as ZK-JGS. The aircraft is operated in a USN trainer scheme of VA122 with the original Bu.No.140563.

Last Update:- 30 July, 1999

Technical Data


port front quarter - airshow 1990 port front quarter - Ardmore 1991 landing (side on) - airshow 1995 Trojan & Mustang - 1998 Pilot climbing aboard - 1998 Rear fuselage - starting up - 1998 Starting up - Ardmore 1998 Running up - Ardmore 1998 Trojan & Mustang - 1998 Static - Wanaka 98 Flypast - Wanaka 98 Landing  - Wanaka 98 Landing  - Wanaka 98

Close Up

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cockpit exterior & canopy engine cooling vents flaps & rear fuselage tail hook Trojan & Mustang - 1998 starboard wheel well nose wheel well
port main undercarriage Trojan & Mustang - 1998 exhausts and cooling doors Trojan & Mustang - 1998 Trojan & Mustang - 1998

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