SOCATA TB.9 Tampico/ TB.10 Tobago


The Society de Contruction de Tourisme et d'Affaires (SOCATA) was formed in 1966. A subsidiary of Sud-Aviation (various mergers and other rearrangments have resulted in SOCATA now being a subsidiary of Aerospatiale), SOCATA was involved in the construction and development of the Morane-Saulnier Rallye (Morane-Saulnier having become a subsidiary of Sud-Aviation in 1965), and other existing aircraft.

In 1975 designwork began on a new 4/5 seat light aircraft to be known as the TB.10. The prototype (F-WZJP) powered by a 160hp Avco Lycoming O-320-D2A was flown on February 23, 1977. Unfortunately this aircraft was lost during spin testing on December 15 of that year. A second prototype powered by a 180hp O-360-A1AD was used to complete certification, and this was completed in April 1979. Production went ahead with two versions. The 160hp powered model was redesignated as the TB.9 and named the Tampico. It was built as a 4 seat model witha fixed pitch propellor. The 180hp model held the TB.10 designation and was named the Tobago. Built as a 4/5 seat version it featured a Hartzell constant speed propellor.

A further version was added to the family when it first flew on November 14, 1980. The 250hp Avco Lycoming IO-540 powered retractable is known as the TB.20 Trinidad. Other developments are the TB.11, an aerobatic rated TB.10 intended for training which appeared in 1983, and the 200hp O-230-D2A powered TB.200 Tobago XL which appeared in 1991.

Three model TB.9 (TBA c/n 236, TGW c/n 176, TRW c/n 219), two model TB.10 (MBR c/n 893, MBS c/n 1275, ), and two model TB.20 (CCA c/n 473, and JFC c/n 874) appear on the New Zealand active register, as at December 1, 2002. TB.9 ZK-TRW and TB.10 ZK-MBR are illustrated below.

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