Pitts S-1/ S-2 Special


Curtiss Pitts' prototype 'Special' was first flown in 1944, and factory built aircraft began production in 1947. The biplane sport aircraft is available as a single seat S-1 or two seat S-2 model. The aircraft is also a favourite with home-builders. Powerplants range from 90 to 260hp (Lycoming AEIO-540), with 180hp being typical. The factory built aircraft are designated 'S' and homebuilts as 'D' models. The Special has become one of the world's classic aerobatic aircraft, being chosen as the mount of a number of aerobatic champions.

As at July 1, 1998, ten S-1 and seven S-2 aircraft appeared on the New Zealand register. Two of the S-1's are factory built as compared, to one of the S-2's being homebuilt. Although this aircraft, ZK-ECO (illustrated below), was built up from components from a damaged aircraft by Chris Roberts to produce a prizewinner.

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Technical Data

Data is for S-1


Raglan - 1989 Rukuhia - 1993 Taxying - Rukuhia - 1995 Static display - Matamata 1998 Pitts S2 taxying - Ohakea 1998
Aerial display - Matamata 1998

Close Up

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