Isaacs Fury


John Isaacs designed this 7/10 replica of the classic 1930's RAF aircraft in 1961. The prototype first took to the air at the end of August 1963. The design is all wood with fabric and plywood covering, and withit Isaacs has attempted to incorporate the style and handling characteristics of the original Hawker fighter. The powerplant varies from 65 hp up, but the design was restressed in 1967 as the Fury II for larger (100hp plus) Lycoming engines. New Zealand aircraft utilise the 100hp Continental 0-200 or the 115hp Lycoming O-235.

Four Isaacs Fury aircraft are presently flying in New Zealand. The first, ZK-DMN (pictured below) was built by Barry Thompson in a mere 749 days from receiving the plans. This aircraft was first flown in March 1975, and set some other firsts, in being the first AACA biplane, and the first homebuilt to be spin tested in New Zealand. ZK-RFC was built by Russell Woods and took to the air in 1979. Today it is based at North Shore. ZK-JHR was built by J.Ross (completed in 1982) and is now owned by a syndicate based at Hobsonville. The final Fury, ZK-CYO was built by Peter Dyer, and is based at Taupo.

Last Update:- 12 September, 1998

Technical Data

Data is for the Fury II


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