Hamilton Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta:

The Balloon Fiesta has been an annual event on the Hamilton calendar since 1991, normally being held in the Mar-Apr period. The Fiesta lasts a week and incorporates a number of events which attract balloons and balloonists from all round the world. These include distance, and accuracy events, 'hare & hounds', and 'splash & dash' competitions, a 'key-grab', and the grand finale 'night glow'. The night glow has grown from a few balloons on a local reserve attracting a bunch of spectators, to a huge spectacular incorporating the balloons, laser shows, a parade, a variety of musical and other entertainment. A feature of the last few fiestas has been the participation by 'shaped balloons, including a cow, a tyranasaurus, and the agfa film canister. More information on Hamilton events can be found here . Sponsors include Agfa who also display a few photos of the event.

The following images give an impression of some of the events, and the growth in the past few years. Go here for an account of the flight I had in 1998!

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