Air Expo 92:

20-22 November, 1992 - Auckland International Airport

The Air Expo was only the second airshow to be held at Auckland International - the other being when it opened. The other unusual aspect was that the airport continued to operate its regular services - so the air displays were scheduled around the commercial arrivals and departures.

I found the show interesting - my first chance to see a Kittyhawk or a Corsair - and there were the Russian aircraft too. Unfortunately I chose the wrong day to see the Avenger - and the weather certainly wasn't the best. But, any day at an airshow has to be better than not being at an airshow!

IL-76 Beriev A-40 Harrier GR.3 Harrier GR.3 Harrier GR.3 BD-5 F4U-1 F4U-1 P-40K P-40K P-40K Beriev A-40 Beriev A-40 CT-4 Harrier GR.3 P-40K P-40K Qantas 747 Air New Zealand 747 AS-350 Metro ??? Birddog IL-76

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