RNZAF Museum

Wigram, Christchurch: This place is just awesome - I would thoroughly recommend a visit - the photos don't do it justice, but I hope they tempt you into going - please do, I think these folks deserve the support. Wigram is the former RNZAF base in Christchurch, and remains the home for the RNZAF museum. These days the Museum is known as 'Air Force World'. I remember seeing some of the aircraft back in 1981 when I was an ATC cadet. I had a chance to go back there in 1993 when I was in Christchurch for a conference. The set up is a purpose built museum area attached to one of the original WWII hangers - so they have a bunch of aviation related displays, a hall for 'changing' exhibitions and an indoor aircraft display area. Not all the aircraft are out, but they do revise the display occasionally. Since I was there, they have added a Dauntless - displayed in diorama form, just as the aircraft was found on a Pacific island, and I understand the Hudson restoration will go on display shortly. Aircraft include

One of the highlights of a visit is the veterans who will give you a tour. Check out these images and see if they tempt you. More information can be found on Air Force World's own site at

Exteriors Atrium A-4 Avro 626 Aircraft Hall Devon Beaver Mk.XVI O-2a P-51D TBF-1c Canberra

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