Ohakea Air Day:

March 22nd, 1998 - RNZAF Ohakea

This was the first airshow at Okakea since 1984, as a planned show to celebrate the RNZAF's 60th anniversary did not go ahead in 1997. The Air Day was planned to coincide with the start of an exercise (Operation Matariki) which combined aircraft from the RAAF, RSAF, and the RNZAF. So a variety of military aircraft were present, and a variety of former military aircraft - as a Kittyhawk, Mustang and Vampire returned to an airfield where once they were a common sight. In addition there were a few strays - as illustrated below.

P-40E taxying TA-4K - static A-4K flypast A-4K flypast F-18 - taxying F-18 nose F-18 airborne - flaresr F-18 - airborne pai F18 -2 seat static F-111 static F-111 - taxying F-111airborne MB339  - maintenance MB339 - taxying MB339 - static

UHIH - display Crowd with Squirrel Traction engine Parachutist Vampire under tow Pitts S2 taxying Sadler vampire taxying Bf108 taxying Skyarrow taxying Harvard - static

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