Warbirds Association:

January, 1990 - Ardmore

This show was the first I got to attend after purchasing my current camera - I had a nasty experience at the RNZAF Golden Anniversary show in 1987 when my partners camera put all the images on the first frame for all five rolls of film - the winding mechanism had died. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth over that one.

The preperation for this show was unfortunately marred by the death of John Greenstreet, one of the "Roaring Forties" display team in an accident during practice, a few days prior to the show. The show itself was pretty good - the only other downer being a mostly dark grey sky, as can be seen in many of the images. But I also got to play with my friend Peter Stephen's 70-210 lens, which encouraged me to go out and buy my own!

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