Hawker (Baghdad) Sea Fury


This aircraft has no military connection with New Zealand, apart from service of Kiwi pilots in the FAA, and the particpation by British and New Zealand servicemen in Korea.

The Sea Fury was designed by Sidney Camm in 1942 to provide the RAF with a lightweight Tempest. The design was modified in 1943 to meet a Royal Navy specification (F.2/43) for a fleet fighter. The prototype flew in February 1945. The aircraft was subsequently used in combat during the Korean war.

ZK-SFR is not a true Sea Fury - rather it is a FB Mk.II built for the Iraqi Air Force in 1952 (c/n37723), and serialled 326. Originally it lacked the wingfold and hook mechanisms of the naval version - these have subsequently been retrofitted (1992) with parts from the FAA Historic flight T.20 (WG655) which was written off in an accident on July 14, 1990. The New Zealand aircraft is one of 27 ex-Iraqi aircraft which arrived in the USA in the 1970's and have since dispersed around the world. Registered as N43SF, when it arrived in the US in 1972, the aircraft was never flown.

ZK-SFR arrived in New Zealand in 1986, and was then completely overhauled (having only done 120 hours since new). The first post restoration flight occurred on March 12, 1988. The aircraft has been performing publicly since, and is painted in the plumage of FAA aircraft WJ232. That aircraft, piloted by Lt. Carmichael, successfully intercepted a Soviet Mig15 during the Korean war (9 Aug,1952), while on operations from HMS Ocean. The Sea Fury has made several excursions to Australia - participating in pylon racing in Tasmania.

The aircraft has recently been advertised for sale)

Last Update:- 12 September, 1998

Technical Data

Data provided courtesy of Qwilton Biel (Team Manager, Sea Fury 14)


Hangered - Ardmore 1989 Taxying (rear view) - Ardmore 1990 Bedtime - Airshow 1991 Taxying (nose on) - Airshow 1991 Taxying (quarter view) - Airshow 1991 Taxying (side view) - Airshow 1993

Close Up

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Control panel Cockpit - starboard panels Cockpit - controls Cockpit - controls & right panels Cockpit - starboard panels Headrest and Canopy Headrest and Canopy (from rear) Wing fold Centaurus 18 (some cowls removed) Spinner and props Tail Tailwheel well wheel well wheel well main gear - front view main gear side view

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