Southwards Car Museum:

Paraparaumu: Not really a plane museum - but they do have an ex-RNZAF Vampire, a DH82, and a couple of the replicas from the 60's movie 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines'. Even with so few planes, its still worth a visit. I was especially impressed by the 'Gangster' car - complete with bullet holes.

Part of the largest private collection of cars in the Southern Hemisphere is displayed in a large, and well lit hall (all the photos below were taken with natural light in the early evening) with associated displays. I understand that parts of the display are rotated regularly. An easy place to spend a few hours - I'm not much of a car enthusiast (I was there for a wedding reception) but I really enjoyed my look around. My favourites were the Stutz and the Cord, but its a difficult choice. The planes were a bonus!

Bleriot Vampire Cars Vehicles 1915 Stutz Cars

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