Mikoyen-Gurivich Mig-21 MF 'Fishbed-J'


Only one aircraft of the type is currently in New Zealand - this was a private purchase of what is one of the youngest non-current 'warbirds' in New Zealand. The Mig-21 MF belongs to Paul Jellick - he purchased the aircraft (along with a Mig-21 UM two seater) in Australia, from a military disposal agent. The aircraft became available after a plan to lease the aircraft to the RAAF as a dissimilar air combat trainer fell through, and it arrived in New Zealand in November 1993. Although built in 1973, the aircraft had only 1052 hours, having been in storage until 1981. The aircraft was complete and only required a little work (and Civil Aviation okays) to get it operational. However this has not been forthcoming, and today the aircraft is on display at the Queenstown Motor Museum.

In 1994 the aircraft was toured around New Zealand, and I viewed it in downtown Manukau. The aircraft was on display (somewhat ironically) in a huge marquee originally designed to house USAF aircraft. I had a long chat with the Chief Engineer when I visited the display - and had a look at the aircraft logs - fascinating. The owner was obtaining a type rating, but the aircraft has not been flown in New Zealand. At the time it appeared the two-seater was a more likely prospect for being activated. There were some questions as to where the aircraft could be based, and under what conditions it could be operated. I have not heard in the interim whether the Mig-21 UM has been moved from Bankstown in Australia.

Last Update:- 23 September, 1998

Technical Data

Data is for Mig-21N


nose - starboard side underside/speed brakes cockpit tail section forward section control panel

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